Space Odyssey - Grand Opening
Genres: Power Metal Progressive Metal Neo-Classical Metal Release Date: 10/25/2011
"Grand Opening". What does that phrase bring to mind? For me, I remember when the Chinese restaurant a few blocks away opened its doors. I remember the new CostCo out on the edge of town, with its industrial-sized packages of paper towels. I remember the shitty new Little Caesars giving out free Crazy Bread coupons.

The phrase certainly doesn't have any associations with technically masterful progressive/neo-classical/power metal. At least, it didn't. Now it does. Forget shredded cheese; bring me shredded keyboards and guitars instead! 24-oz bottles of ketchup? Screw that! Howzabout 666-oz bottles of fucking heavy metal!!!!!

This file is slow and the steps are a bit repetitious. It's also very long; roughly five and a half minutes. But you will have fun - I promise.