Alkonost - Bloody Grasses
Genres: Folk Metal Release Date: 7/28/2011
Are you a Russian? Are you a Russia sympathizer? Are you deeply saddened by the slow but sure subjugation of the diverse native Russian traditions in favor of economic development and countrywide homogeneity? Does the sight of industrial eyesores mocking the natural beauty of Siberia cause tears to form in your eyes? Have you ever desired to travel back to a time ten centuries ago when the beautiful culture and landscape of glorious Rus had not yet been overrun by feeble political systems? Do you like metal? Then you should download this simfile! The song comes to us from those folk metal fanatics, those rock-and-rolling Russkies known as Alkonost.

This file is my easiest for a while. 108 BPM is not that fast for a keyboard file, especially when there are no 24th notes. So if your fingers need a break, try this song out.