Progressive Metal Simfiles

Becoming GodAugury10/6/2014
The Death Of Balance/LacrymosaSymphony X6/8/2014
Presence Of MindSpace Odyssey12/1/2013
Brain Interactive ConstructPaul Wardingham7/9/2013
The Witching HourSymphony X2/21/2013
The King Is DeadIrencros2/4/2013
Head Over WorldsQantice1/19/2013
The LighthouseVision Divine12/21/2012
Demon DesireWuthering Heights11/22/2012
Incantations Of The ApprenticeSymphony X9/2/2012
...In A MovieDGM8/18/2012
Enigmatic MissionPagan's Mind7/3/2012
Wings Of InsanityDerek Sherinian6/17/2012
Ancient Words WithinPyramaze4/29/2012
Ghost Ship - The Gathering The Night BeforeShadow Gallery3/28/2012
Evolution (The Grand Design)Symphony X3/20/2012
Paid In BloodCloudscape3/14/2012
Endless SlaughterOpus Atlantica1/6/2012
The WizardPyramaze12/31/2011
Grand OpeningSpace Odyssey10/25/2011
The QuestionQantice7/9/2011
Milagros CharmTime Requiem5/21/2011
The ProphecyFerrigno, Leal, Kuprij4/16/2011
Bad Hobbits Die HardWuthering Heights1/22/2011
Order Of EnlilAdagio12/28/2010
The Hero That You NeedQantice11/25/2010
Interplay Of MattersTime Requiem11/19/2010
Dancing FlameVitalij Kuprij11/12/2010
The Least Worst EndingQantice9/28/2010
When The Dream Of Paradise DiedWinds7/19/2010
Track On FireVitalij Kuprij5/1/2009
Borrowed TimeStride7/2/2007
Circle Of TimeRing Of Fire6/26/2007
Attar Of RosesTime Requiem1/26/2007