Power Metal Simfiles

StarlightIron Savior7/26/2015
Quantum Leap4th Dimension4/18/2015
Sacrament Of WildernessNightwish2/16/2015
Enchanted Dragon Of WisdomTwilight Force12/24/2014
Eyes Of FireKaledon11/30/2014
Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black MountainRhapsody11/11/2014
At The ShadowcrossGalloglass10/26/2014
Through The FireReinXeed10/15/2014
At The Gates Of The Silent StormFogalord9/25/2014
The Night Of The AgeDark Moor9/8/2014
Heart Of BattleHeroik8/25/2014
Raise The WorldGalderia8/3/2014
Keeper Of The FlameOperadyse7/3/2014
AwakeHoly Knights6/29/2014
Shadow In The DarkRing Of Fire6/19/2014
The Death Of Balance/LacrymosaSymphony X6/8/2014
Harbinger Of New DawnThy Majestie5/31/2014
Where The Sea EndsSecret Sphere5/19/2014
Speed Of LightVirtuocity5/3/2014
Hero's ReturnDragony4/12/2014
Return Of The WerewolfTimeless Miracle4/5/2014
Eternal MindArmory3/15/2014
Man In The WorldSunrise2/24/2014
Majesty Of The Mithril MountainsDragonland2/8/2014
The Power & FuryHeavenly1/31/2014
From Chaos To EternityRhapsody Of Fire12/14/2013
Presence Of MindSpace Odyssey12/1/2013
El Corazon DelatorOpera Magna11/25/2013
Walls Of The CaveEpicrenel11/20/2013
River Of TuoniAmberian Dawn11/7/2013
Sworn In The Metal WindLost Horizon11/1/2013
Beyond The FireDark Moor10/20/2013
Broken IllusionAncient Bards10/14/2013
Eternal LightDerdian9/26/2013
The CageSonata Arctica9/14/2013
Before The DawnBalflare9/2/2013
Amulet Of JusticeGloryhammer8/29/2013
Autumn LeavesCelesty7/29/2013
Born In A Mourning HallBlind Guardian7/17/2013
Diamond SkyPower Quest7/1/2013
History Of A Siege: SlaughterSpellblast6/27/2013
The QuestAlestorm6/6/2013
Seven ReignsThy Majestie6/1/2013
Life Will Find A WayReinXeed5/17/2013
Blood Of MaidenSound Storm5/12/2013
Prince Of The StarlightLuca Turilli5/6/2013
New King Of KaledonKaledon4/21/2013
Upon The Burning IslesLorenguard4/17/2013
Agony Is My NameRhapsody3/30/2013
Crave In The DarkBalflare3/16/2013
The Fog LordFogalord3/11/2013
Tilu Of The KingsTiluland3/3/2013
The Witching HourSymphony X2/21/2013
The Black MareDragonland2/10/2013
The King Is DeadIrencros2/4/2013
Before I DieWildpath1/24/2013
Head Over WorldsQantice1/19/2013
Until Kingdom ComeKamelot1/12/2013
Maid Of OrleansDark Moor1/8/2013
Only The BraveAncient Bards12/27/2012
The LighthouseVision Divine12/21/2012
From A Dream To A NightmareSecret Sphere12/11/2012
Age Of The PhoenixFreedom Call11/26/2012
Demon DesireWuthering Heights11/22/2012
Fall Into MadnessSteel Attack11/16/2012
Tempesta Di FuocoRhapsody Of Fire11/4/2012
Refuge From RealityDreamtale10/22/2012
Temple Of The Crystal SkullsReinXeed10/18/2012
HomecomingSolar Fragment10/12/2012
Infinity's CallSinbreed10/7/2012
Legend's Empire Part 2Hamka9/27/2012
Your Majesty GaiaAquaria9/9/2012
Elemental PowerPathfinder9/6/2012
Incantations Of The ApprenticeSymphony X9/2/2012
Ascending To InfinityLuca Turilli's Rhapsody8/28/2012
...In A MovieDGM8/18/2012
Dethrone TyrannyGamma Ray8/6/2012
Holy ThunderforceRhapsody8/2/2012
When Sorrow SangBlind Guardian7/24/2012
Howling At The MoonForgotten Tales7/8/2012
Enigmatic MissionPagan's Mind7/3/2012
Buscando Un SolEdhellen6/26/2012
Insanity's FallDungeon6/14/2012
The Evil That Warmen DoWarmen6/8/2012
Valiant RideAncient Bards5/24/2012
San Sebastian (Revisited)Sonata Arctica5/11/2012
Decadence Of DignityFalconer5/7/2012
Ancient Words WithinPyramaze4/29/2012
Bearer Of LightLogar's Diary4/18/2012
Reach For The SkyReinXeed4/7/2012
Ghosts Of Forgotten WorldsRhapsody Of Fire4/4/2012
Arising ThunderAngra3/23/2012
Evolution (The Grand Design)Symphony X3/20/2012
NevermoreDark Moor2/27/2012
Fire And BrimstoneDragonland2/20/2012
The Whisper Of Ancient RocksPathfinder2/15/2012
Leonardo Da VinciSecret Sphere2/1/2012
The PromiseHoly Knights1/14/2012
Endless SlaughterOpus Atlantica1/6/2012
The WizardPyramaze12/31/2011
Ghost MemoriesWildpath12/12/2011
Sign Of The WinnerHeavenly12/8/2011
Fight For Your KingFairyland11/26/2011
The Last Angels' CallRhapsody11/18/2011
Terror Has BegunReinXeed11/10/2011
Don't Kill Me AgainHighlord10/30/2011
Grand OpeningSpace Odyssey10/25/2011
A Truth Of MeDark Moor9/23/2011
March For FreedomForgotten Tales9/12/2011
The Fourth LegacyKamelot9/10/2011
TornadoRhapsody Of Fire8/26/2011
La Caida De La Casa UsherOpera Magna8/17/2011
Assault On The ShoreFairyland7/21/2011
The QuestionQantice7/9/2011
Eye Of The StormCrosswind6/29/2011
Aeons Of Raging DarknessRhapsody Of Fire6/24/2011
Frozen SkyConquest6/5/2011
Milagros CharmTime Requiem5/21/2011
Waking In SilenceBalflare5/15/2011
Surprise ImpactKaledon5/11/2011
Land Of The FreeSonata Arctica5/3/2011
Maniacs Of SpeedSacred Steel4/23/2011
The Lord Of WolvesPathfinder4/9/2011
From Last HeavenBride Adorned3/27/2011
Coat Of ArmsSabaton3/13/2011
Beyond The GateDerdian3/3/2011
On The Way To AinorRhapsody Of Fire2/20/2011
No RemainsPharaoh2/13/2011
Nights Of ArabiaKamelot2/4/2011
Bad Hobbits Die HardWuthering Heights1/22/2011
Order Of EnlilAdagio12/28/2010
Charming DeceiverInstanzia12/21/2010
Legend And GloryGaia Prelude12/18/2010
Disciples Of BabylonDragonforce12/3/2010
The Hero That You NeedQantice11/25/2010
Interplay Of MattersTime Requiem11/19/2010
The Dying EmberRequiem11/18/2010
Ride To ChinonThy Majestie11/1/2010
El Demonio De La PerversidadOpera Magna10/25/2010
Forever Is TodayStratovarius10/16/2010
The Least Worst EndingQantice9/28/2010
Ancient TimesGalloglass9/26/2010
Raging StarfireRhapsody Of Fire9/21/2010
Brave And FierceSpellblast9/20/2010
El Pozo Y El PenduloOpera Magna6/18/2010
Eternal SinnerDragonhammer3/23/2010
Desire, Part II - ForsakenWildpath10/6/2009
On The Path To FuryFairyland9/26/2009
ValkyriesAmberian Dawn7/28/2009
Disappearing SandsElevenking7/27/2009
Through Elven Woods And Dwarven MinesDragonland7/24/2009
Dragonfly Parte II (El Renacer)Dragonfly6/24/2009
Dive With MeMoondive6/1/2009
The DunesBalflare6/1/2009
Holy WarIron Mask5/20/2009
Like WarriorsCelesty5/14/2009
Somewhere In DreamsDark Moor5/12/2009
Mirror MirrorBlind Guardian5/3/2009
Dawn Of VictoryRhapsody4/26/2009
Sacred LandPower Quest4/21/2009
Stranger In BlackSecret Sphere4/17/2009
Euphoric DreamCelesty3/27/2009
The Day FallsBalflare3/14/2009
Soul SocietyKamelot9/20/2008
The Heir Of The Black ThroneEkzistencia7/23/2008
Age Of The Red MoonRhapsody Of Fire7/16/2008
Paganini's Nightmare (Theme From Caprice #5)Secret Sphere3/17/2008
Black DiamondStratovarius3/15/2008
Destruction PreventerSonata Arctica2/16/2008
Somewhere Out In SpaceGamma Ray2/9/2008
Heart Of The GodsAquaria1/20/2008
The Last Winged UnicornRhapsody9/27/2007
When Legends Come To LifeWildpath8/27/2007
Salieri Strikes BackWarmen7/22/2007
Circle Of TimeRing Of Fire6/26/2007
Holy WarDragonland6/17/2007
LegendSecret Sphere6/9/2007
The King And The WarriorThy Majestie6/1/2007
Revolution DeathsquadDragonforce4/11/2007
Odinn's WarriorsStormwarrior4/9/2007
Riding The Winds Of EternityRhapsody4/9/2007
Wings Of IcarosDreamtale4/7/2007
Van HelsingWinteropera4/6/2007
Rise UpFreedom Call4/6/2007
DemonheartLuca Turilli3/12/2007
The Pride Of The TyrantRhapsody3/5/2007
Wolf And RavenSonata Arctica2/18/2007
Attar Of RosesTime Requiem1/26/2007
Breed From The Land UnknownCelesty1/8/2007
Flames Of RevengeRhapsody1/5/2007
World's EndDragonland12/29/2006
Center Of The UniverseKamelot12/26/2006
Trip To...Warmen12/11/2006
Leaving All BehindCellador12/10/2006
Memories Of TimeDreamtale11/30/2006
Dark Comet's ReignLuca Turilli11/23/2006
The Neverending StoryDragonland11/15/2006
Find My HeavenPower Quest11/11/2006
Spread Your FireAngra11/5/2006
The Age Of Mystic IceLuca Turilli11/3/2006
OblivionSecret Sphere10/31/2006
Valley Of The DamnedDragonforce10/11/2006
Lost Land Of LyonesseSecret Sphere10/8/2006
Pilot Of EarthMob Rules9/30/2006
War Of WorldsWarmen9/26/2006
Ride For GloryDragonland9/21/2006
Rider Of The Astral FireLuca Turilli9/20/2006
New Century's TarantellaLuca Turilli9/15/2006
EternityDark Moor9/13/2006
Angels And DemonsAngra9/9/2006
Bells Of Notre DameDark Moor8/28/2006
Rise From The Sea Of FlamesRhapsody8/22/2006
Infernal AngelAxenstar8/12/2006
The Ancient Forest Of ElvesLuca Turilli8/12/2006
Legend Of SteelLuca Turilli7/29/2006
Temple Of FirePower Quest7/29/2006
Wisdom Of The KingsRhapsody7/26/2006
Temple Of HateAngra7/24/2006
Land Of ImmortalsRhapsody7/20/2006
Golden YearsGalloglass7/19/2006
Kings Of The Nordic TwilightLuca Turilli7/13/2006
War Of The UniverseLuca Turilli7/12/2006
Steelgods Of The Last ApocalypseRhapsody7/11/2006
WeballergySonata Arctica7/10/2006
Victoria's SecretSonata Arctica7/10/2006