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Starlight Iron Savior 2015-07-26
Quantum Leap 4th Dimension 2015-04-18
Thunder Labyrinth 2015-03-02
Sacrament Of Wilderness Nightwish 2015-02-16
Dysfunction Euphoric Defilement 2015-01-19
Mask Of Sanity Children Of Bodom 2015-01-05
Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom Twilight Force 2014-12-24
Der Sturm Equilibrium 2014-12-07
Eyes Of Fire Kaledon 2014-11-30
Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain Rhapsody 2014-11-11
At The Shadowcross Galloglass 2014-10-26
Through The Fire ReinXeed 2014-10-15
Becoming God Augury 2014-10-06
At The Gates Of The Silent Storm Fogalord 2014-09-25
Frozen Wildpath 2014-09-15
The Night Of The Age Dark Moor 2014-09-08
Uncloud The Sky Skyfire 2014-09-04
Heart Of Battle Heroik 2014-08-25
Raise The World Galderia 2014-08-03
Cold Flesh Citadel Katalepsy 2014-07-27
Hoverland Qantice 2014-07-19
Mirror Of Madness Norther 2014-07-12
Keeper Of The Flame Operadyse 2014-07-03
Awake Holy Knights 2014-06-29
Shadow In The Dark Ring Of Fire 2014-06-19
The Death Of Balance/Lacrymosa Symphony X 2014-06-08
Harbinger Of New Dawn Thy Majestie 2014-05-31
Where The Sea Ends Secret Sphere 2014-05-19
Abraxas Connexus Absu 2014-05-12
Speed Of Light Virtuocity 2014-05-03
Speed Angra 2014-04-27
Vein (I Bleed) Imperanon 2014-04-19
Hero's Return Dragony 2014-04-12
Return Of The Werewolf Timeless Miracle 2014-04-05
Wretched Antropogenous Simulacrum Traumatomy 2014-03-29
Sundancer Keldian 2014-03-23
Eternal Mind Armory 2014-03-15
Angel Eyes Forgotten Tales 2014-03-08
Man In The World Sunrise 2014-02-24
Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water Nile 2014-02-16
Majesty Of The Mithril Mountains Dragonland 2014-02-08
The Power & Fury Heavenly 2014-01-31
Rise Of The Maya Warriors Unleashed 2014-01-23
Reflejos Edhellen 2014-01-17
An Old History David Valdes 2014-01-11
Iron Ensiferum 2014-01-03
Snow Kamelot 2013-12-27
Rest In Flames Severe Torture 2013-12-21
From Chaos To Eternity Rhapsody Of Fire 2013-12-14
Arrival Celesty 2013-12-08
Presence Of Mind Space Odyssey 2013-12-01
El Corazon Delator Opera Magna 2013-11-25
Walls Of The Cave Epicrenel 2013-11-20
Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity Wormed 2013-11-15
River Of Tuoni Amberian Dawn 2013-11-07
Sworn In The Metal Wind Lost Horizon 2013-11-01
Eclipse Dol Ammad 2013-10-24
Beyond The Fire Dark Moor 2013-10-20
Broken Illusion Ancient Bards 2013-10-14
Reborn Morifade 2013-10-07
Lusting For Transcendence Defeated Sanity 2013-10-01
Eternal Light Derdian 2013-09-26
Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181) Absu 2013-09-20
The Cage Sonata Arctica 2013-09-14
Verdelet Akercocke 2013-09-08
Before The Dawn Balflare 2013-09-02
Amulet Of Justice Gloryhammer 2013-08-29
Chronokinesis Pathfinder 2013-08-22
Melancholic Manticora 2013-08-15
Conscious In Rigor Mortis Putridity 2013-08-09
Wurzelbert Equilibrium 2013-08-04
Autumn Leaves Celesty 2013-07-29
Born In A Mourning Hall Blind Guardian 2013-07-17
Brain Interactive Construct Paul Wardingham 2013-07-09
Diamond Sky Power Quest 2013-07-01
History Of A Siege: Slaughter Spellblast 2013-06-27
Millenium Stratovarius 2013-06-18
A March For The Sick Arsis 2013-06-13
The Quest Alestorm 2013-06-06
Seven Reigns Thy Majestie 2013-06-01
Revenge Northland 2013-05-24
Life Will Find A Way ReinXeed 2013-05-17
Blood Of Maiden Sound Storm 2013-05-12
Prince Of The Starlight Luca Turilli 2013-05-06
Prayer To The Universal One Near Death Condition 2013-04-26
New King Of Kaledon Kaledon 2013-04-21
Upon The Burning Isles Lorenguard 2013-04-17
Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu Bal-Sagoth 2013-04-11
Vandor-Fohasz Dalriada 2013-04-05
Agony Is My Name Rhapsody 2013-03-30
Carnivorous Swarm Cannibal Corpse 2013-03-26
Farewell Kamelot 2013-03-21
Crave In The Dark Balflare 2013-03-16
The Fog Lord Fogalord 2013-03-11
The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin Abominable Putridity 2013-03-07
Tilu Of The Kings Tiluland 2013-03-03
Ride With The Sun Fairyland 2013-02-26
The Witching Hour Symphony X 2013-02-21
Fate's Descent Quo Vadis 2013-02-16
The Black Mare Dragonland 2013-02-10
The King Is Dead Irencros 2013-02-04
Starchild Wintersun 2013-02-01
Before I Die Wildpath 2013-01-24
Head Over Worlds Qantice 2013-01-19
Until Kingdom Come Kamelot 2013-01-12
Maid Of Orleans Dark Moor 2013-01-08
Into Morbid Obesity Cerebral Effusion 2013-01-01
Only The Brave Ancient Bards 2012-12-27
The Lighthouse Vision Divine 2012-12-21
Sudden Arise Trelleborg 2012-12-16
From A Dream To A Nightmare Secret Sphere 2012-12-11
Valhalla Vexillum 2012-12-05
Bodom After Midnight Children Of Bodom 2012-12-01
Age Of The Phoenix Freedom Call 2012-11-26
Demon Desire Wuthering Heights 2012-11-22
Fall Into Madness Steel Attack 2012-11-16
The Infinite Multiplicity Disavowed 2012-11-10
Tempesta Di Fuoco Rhapsody Of Fire 2012-11-04
Immortality Tragedian 2012-10-30
Harvest Temples Deeds Of Flesh 2012-10-28
Refuge From Reality Dreamtale 2012-10-22
Temple Of The Crystal Skulls ReinXeed 2012-10-18
Homecoming Solar Fragment 2012-10-12
Infinity's Call Sinbreed 2012-10-07
Where Angels Go Demons Follow Spawn Of Possession 2012-10-03
Legend's Empire Part 2 Hamka 2012-09-27
Maximum Overchill Cross Examination 2012-09-23
Legions Stratovarius 2012-09-19
Purifier Of The Stars Melechesh 2012-09-14
Your Majesty Gaia Aquaria 2012-09-09
Elemental Power Pathfinder 2012-09-06
Incantations Of The Apprentice Symphony X 2012-09-02
Ascending To Infinity Luca Turilli's Rhapsody 2012-08-28
Running With The Wolves Of War Elexorien 2012-08-24
...In A Movie DGM 2012-08-18
Dethrone Tyranny Gamma Ray 2012-08-06
Holy Thunderforce Rhapsody 2012-08-02
Unbreakable Celesty 2012-07-29
When Sorrow Sang Blind Guardian 2012-07-24
Hara-Kiri Torture Mechanism 7 H.Target 2012-07-19
Burning Within Brymir 2012-07-13
Howling At The Moon Forgotten Tales 2012-07-08
Enigmatic Mission Pagan's Mind 2012-07-03
Buscando Un Sol Edhellen 2012-06-26
Wings Of Insanity Derek Sherinian 2012-06-17
Insanity's Fall Dungeon 2012-06-14
The Evil That Warmen Do Warmen 2012-06-08
Novgorodian Folk Dance Pagan Reign 2012-06-02
Valiant Ride Ancient Bards 2012-05-24
Die Affeninsel Equilibrium 2012-05-22
Complete Demise Anata 2012-05-17
San Sebastian (Revisited) Sonata Arctica 2012-05-11
Decadence Of Dignity Falconer 2012-05-07
Lack Of Oxygen Abominable Putridity 2012-05-02
Ancient Words Within Pyramaze 2012-04-29
Callisto Rising Bal-Sagoth 2012-04-23
Bearer Of Light Logar's Diary 2012-04-18
Body Herpes Syphilic 2012-04-13
Reach For The Sky ReinXeed 2012-04-07
Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds Rhapsody Of Fire 2012-04-04
Ghost Ship - The Gathering The Night Before Shadow Gallery 2012-03-28
Arising Thunder Angra 2012-03-23
Evolution (The Grand Design) Symphony X 2012-03-20
Paid In Blood Cloudscape 2012-03-14
Eternal Hate Gothmog 2012-03-08
Cadaver Anatomy - Extraction Of Viscera Aposepsy 2012-03-03
Nevermore Dark Moor 2012-02-27
Fire And Brimstone Dragonland 2012-02-20
The Whisper Of Ancient Rocks Pathfinder 2012-02-15
Behind The Walls Of Derangement Inveracity 2012-02-08
Leonardo Da Vinci Secret Sphere 2012-02-01
Contact Dragonland 2012-01-28
The Gush Theodore Ziras 2012-01-20
The Promise Holy Knights 2012-01-14
Endless Slaughter Opus Atlantica 2012-01-06
The Wizard Pyramaze 2011-12-31
Hittite Dung Incantation Nile 2011-12-25
Arctic Swarm Immortal 2011-12-18
Ghost Memories Wildpath 2011-12-12
Sign Of The Winner Heavenly 2011-12-08
Rising Power Solerrain 2011-12-02
Fight For Your King Fairyland 2011-11-26
Visions Of Coming Apocalypse Inveracity 2011-11-20
The Last Angels' Call Rhapsody 2011-11-18
Thrash 'Til Death Destruction 2011-11-15
Terror Has Begun ReinXeed 2011-11-10
Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement Defeated Sanity 2011-11-06
Don't Kill Me Again Highlord 2011-10-30
Grand Opening Space Odyssey 2011-10-25
Valhalla Stormwarrior 2011-10-18
Stargazers Nightwish 2011-10-13
The Amulet Astel Oscora 2011-10-06
Keelhauled Alestorm 2011-10-01
Compulsory Resurrection Abysmal Dawn 2011-09-27
A Truth Of Me Dark Moor 2011-09-23
Passion Kill Immolation 2011-09-17
March For Freedom Forgotten Tales 2011-09-12
The Fourth Legacy Kamelot 2011-09-10
Blood Is The Price Of Glory Ensiferum 2011-09-05
Primordial Atom George Bellas 2011-09-01
Tornado Rhapsody Of Fire 2011-08-26
La Caida De La Casa Usher Opera Magna 2011-08-17
Unpredictable Delirion 2011-08-02
Bloody Grasses Alkonost 2011-07-28
Assault On The Shore Fairyland 2011-07-21
Be Without Fear Behemoth 2011-07-17
The Question Qantice 2011-07-09
Eye Of The Storm Crosswind 2011-06-29
Aeons Of Raging Darkness Rhapsody Of Fire 2011-06-24
In The Name Of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee Absu 2011-06-18
Immersion Into Darkness Torsense 2011-06-11
Frozen Sky Conquest 2011-06-05
Let The Games Begin Aurora Borealis 2011-05-25
Milagros Charm Time Requiem 2011-05-21
Waking In Silence Balflare 2011-05-15
Surprise Impact Kaledon 2011-05-11
Land Of The Free Sonata Arctica 2011-05-03
Disinterment Flesh Consumed 2011-04-29
Maniacs Of Speed Sacred Steel 2011-04-23
The Prophecy Ferrigno, Leal, Kuprij 2011-04-16
The Lord Of Wolves Pathfinder 2011-04-09
Genetically Deranged Repulsive Dissection 2011-04-03
From Last Heaven Bride Adorned 2011-03-27
Elusive Reaches Ensiferum 2011-03-19
Coat Of Arms Sabaton 2011-03-13
Beyond The Gate Derdian 2011-03-03
Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae Nazgul 2011-02-27
On The Way To Ainor Rhapsody Of Fire 2011-02-20
No Remains Pharaoh 2011-02-13
Nights Of Arabia Kamelot 2011-02-04
One Of Fail Kalmah 2011-01-30
Bad Hobbits Die Hard Wuthering Heights 2011-01-22
Star-Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographers Bal-Sagoth 2011-01-15
God's Garden George Bellas 2011-01-08
Worship Depraved Arsis 2011-01-02
Order Of Enlil Adagio 2010-12-28
Charming Deceiver Instanzia 2010-12-21
Legend And Glory Gaia Prelude 2010-12-18
Unter Der Eiche Equilibrium 2010-12-12
Disciples Of Babylon Dragonforce 2010-12-03
Involuntary Suicide Putrid Pile 2010-11-30
The Hero That You Need Qantice 2010-11-25
Infernal Hostility Human Rejection 2010-11-20
Interplay Of Matters Time Requiem 2010-11-19
The Dying Ember Requiem 2010-11-18
Dancing Flame Vitalij Kuprij 2010-11-12
Victory Wisdom 2010-11-05
Ride To Chinon Thy Majestie 2010-11-01
Transmigration Lanfear 2010-10-31
El Demonio De La Perversidad Opera Magna 2010-10-25
Molesting Vomited Decapitation Putridity 2010-10-23
Forever Is Today Stratovarius 2010-10-16
Slighting Salvation Insidious Decrepancy 2010-10-05
The Least Worst Ending Qantice 2010-09-28
Ancient Times Galloglass 2010-09-26
Raging Starfire Rhapsody Of Fire 2010-09-21
Brave And Fierce Spellblast 2010-09-20
When The Dream Of Paradise Died Winds 2010-07-19
El Pozo Y El Pendulo Opera Magna 2010-06-18
Eternal Sinner Dragonhammer 2010-03-23
Desire, Part II - Forsaken Wildpath 2009-10-06
On The Path To Fury Fairyland 2009-09-26
Collection Of Butchery Putrid Pile 2009-08-16
Valkyries Amberian Dawn 2009-07-28
Disappearing Sands Elevenking 2009-07-27
Novelist Melodius 2009-07-26
Through Elven Woods And Dwarven Mines Dragonland 2009-07-24
Godsent Fairyland 2009-07-08
Dragonfly Parte II (El Renacer) Dragonfly 2009-06-24
Forever Kamelot 2009-06-20
Winds Of Horus Nile 2009-06-18
Expeditious Evisceratory Mishap The County Medical Examiners 2009-06-09
Dive With Me Moondive 2009-06-01
The Dunes Balflare 2009-06-01
A Warrior's Death Baranduin 2009-05-27
Holy War Iron Mask 2009-05-20
Like Warriors Celesty 2009-05-14
Somewhere In Dreams Dark Moor 2009-05-12
Carrion Sculpted Entity Cannibal Corpse 2009-05-07
Mirror Mirror Blind Guardian 2009-05-03
Track On Fire Vitalij Kuprij 2009-05-01
Dawn Of Victory Rhapsody 2009-04-26
Sacred Land Power Quest 2009-04-21
Stranger In Black Secret Sphere 2009-04-17
A Swarm Of Plagues Naglfar 2009-04-17
Euphoric Dream Celesty 2009-03-27
The Thing Municipal Waste 2009-03-16
The Day Falls Balflare 2009-03-14
Soul Society Kamelot 2008-09-20
The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed... Bal-Sagoth 2008-09-05
The Heir Of The Black Throne Ekzistencia 2008-07-23
Age Of The Red Moon Rhapsody Of Fire 2008-07-16
Silence Calls The Storm Quo Vadis 2008-04-05
Paganini's Nightmare (Theme From Caprice #5) Secret Sphere 2008-03-17
Black Diamond Stratovarius 2008-03-15
Destruction Preventer Sonata Arctica 2008-02-16
Somewhere Out In Space Gamma Ray 2008-02-09
Heart Of The Gods Aquaria 2008-01-20
The Last Winged Unicorn Rhapsody 2007-09-27
When Legends Come To Life Wildpath 2007-08-27
Salieri Strikes Back Warmen 2007-07-22
Borrowed Time Stride 2007-07-02
Circle Of Time Ring Of Fire 2007-06-26
Holy War Dragonland 2007-06-17
Legend Secret Sphere 2007-06-09
Hero In A Dream Ensiferum 2007-06-09
The King And The Warrior Thy Majestie 2007-06-01
Revolution Deathsquad Dragonforce 2007-04-11
Riding The Winds Of Eternity Rhapsody 2007-04-09
Odinn's Warriors Stormwarrior 2007-04-09
Oi Rock! S.S.H. 2007-04-09
Wings Of Icaros Dreamtale 2007-04-07
Rise Up Freedom Call 2007-04-06
Van Helsing Winteropera 2007-04-06
Demonheart Luca Turilli 2007-03-12
The Pride Of The Tyrant Rhapsody 2007-03-05
Wolf And Raven Sonata Arctica 2007-02-18
Attar Of Roses Time Requiem 2007-01-26
Breed From The Land Unknown Celesty 2007-01-08
Flames Of Revenge Rhapsody 2007-01-05
World's End Dragonland 2006-12-29
Center Of The Universe Kamelot 2006-12-26
Trip To... Warmen 2006-12-11
Leaving All Behind Cellador 2006-12-10
Memories Of Time Dreamtale 2006-11-30
Dark Comet's Reign Luca Turilli 2006-11-23
The Neverending Story Dragonland 2006-11-15
Find My Heaven Power Quest 2006-11-11
Spread Your Fire Angra 2006-11-05
The Age Of Mystic Ice Luca Turilli 2006-11-03
Oblivion Secret Sphere 2006-10-31
Blackout Axenstar 2006-10-29
Dreamland Dreamtale 2006-10-24
Valley Of The Damned Dragonforce 2006-10-11
Lost Land Of Lyonesse Secret Sphere 2006-10-08
Pilot Of Earth Mob Rules 2006-09-30
War Of Worlds Warmen 2006-09-26
Ride For Glory Dragonland 2006-09-21
Rider Of The Astral Fire Luca Turilli 2006-09-20
New Century's Tarantella Luca Turilli 2006-09-15
Eternity Dark Moor 2006-09-13
Angels And Demons Angra 2006-09-09
Mysteria Edguy 2006-09-08
Bells Of Notre Dame Dark Moor 2006-08-28
Rise From The Sea Of Flames Rhapsody 2006-08-22
The Ancient Forest Of Elves Luca Turilli 2006-08-12
Infernal Angel Axenstar 2006-08-12
Temple Of Fire Power Quest 2006-07-29
Legend Of Steel Luca Turilli 2006-07-29
Wisdom Of The Kings Rhapsody 2006-07-26
Temple Of Hate Angra 2006-07-24
Land Of Immortals Rhapsody 2006-07-20
Golden Years Galloglass 2006-07-19
Kings Of The Nordic Twilight Luca Turilli 2006-07-13
War Of The Universe Luca Turilli 2006-07-12
Steelgods Of The Last Apocalypse Rhapsody 2006-07-11
Victoria's Secret Sonata Arctica 2006-07-10
Weballergy Sonata Arctica 2006-07-10