HTML5/Javascript Maze Generator

This is a maze generator written in Javascript, with a canvas element for display. The generator can generate mazes of any size, at least in Firefox and Chrome. It is recommended to keep the dimensions below 200x200 unless you want the generating/solving process to take more than a few seconds. Doing something insane like 1000x1000 takes around a minute and will prompt many "unresponsive script" warnings from your concerned browser. Generating very large mazes is done at the risk of the stability of your browser and computer.

The canvas will expand with the size of your maze. Your monitor will not. The "View As PNG" button can be used to save an image of your maze, if you wish, but be warned, it is ridiculously slow with larger mazes.

The maze can be solved by using the arrow keys. The little dot in the top left is the "player". The start and finish of the maze can be changed by left and right clicks on the maze, respectively. The solve button will, as it plainly states, solve the maze given the start and finish (it ignores the player entirely).

Maze Parameters
Gridsize (pixels):
Maze Style
Curvy: Normal: Straight:
Walls: R G B
Background: R G B
Solution: R G B