About Me

I am a 20-something dude from the States with a passion for programming and creating. That just about sums it up. I have many hobbies, computer-based and otherwise, most of which have not made it onto this site.

The games section of this site features games I have created using various game creation tools. I started off with Al Staffieri Jr.'s Gamemaker on the Mac in 2001. When my family got a Windows machine, I switched to Mark Overmar's (now YoYo Game's) Game Maker. Now I'm mostly using Mike Richardson's SilverCreator on the Mac. I am also interested in using JavaScript to create games (since it is web-ready and has the help of the HTML5 canvas element to make graphical games).

The Stepmania section of this site contains custom songs for the DDR/ITG-emulator Stepmania. They are all metal songs, because 1)I love metal and 2)Very few people are creating simfiles for metal songs. When I started out making simfiles, I sucked pretty bad (just download my Valley Of The Damned steps to find out how bad) but after nearly five years I have become passable. I hope you enjoy these files.